Media Shutter©

Media Shutter© from Firlane is a high security shop-front roller shutter. It is simultaneously a full sized electronic screen that you can use to promote products and services out of hours. With its dual usage Firlane System’s Media Shutter© is incredibly cost effective. High Security polycarbonate roller shutters designed to protect stores after hours are transformed into billboards for stunning visual advertising, including full HD video. Some retailers advertise their suppliers’ products, generating additional revenue directly from the sale of space.

By modifying the very strong polycarbonate panels the Media Shutter© can project both still images and full HD video from the inside out. Media Shutter© is a unique and innovative product that turns valuable shop-front space into an incredible marketing tool for businesses – without losing any of the high security features.

Media Shutter© enables the shop owner to connect the projection equipment to a PC via LAN or internet and can control the output for all shutters on the network at the touch of a button. The Media Shutter© provides the dual benefits of out of hours security plus full HD video screen advertising. It allows 24-hour customer access to the content of the advertisement.

Importantly, these attractive shutters can be used in town centers, where planning permission for traditional steel shutters is practically unobtainable.