Firlane Systems Polycarbonate range of shutters is a transparent roller shutter system that is fully custom built and delivered ready to use. They are ideal see-through barriers for shop fronts, counter tops and terrace fronts. Individually manufactured to specification in our own factory for guaranteed quality.

Firlane Systems Ltd incorporates more than 10 years of development experience. From its original design to its current implementation, our product has undergone several phases of technological development. All our shutters combine the transparency and strength of polycarbonate with a compact and reliable roller shutter technology. Optimum vision with minimum internal fitting sizes are the key features of the system.


Firlane shutters are always custom built in our factory in Surrey, UK. The entire system is delivered complete and ready for installation. All options such as motors, remote controls, safety edges and keyswitches are fully pre-wired and fully tested by the installation team prior to attending site.

Delivery Timescales

Firlane Polycarbonate Shutters will normally be manufactured within 4 weeks of the order date.


The transparent shutter system uses 6 mm high-grade polycarbonate. It’s so strong that many police forces use the same material to manufacture riot shields! It is suitable for commercial applications in airports, shopping malls, and retail 24-hour zones of banks. The Firlane system’s patented polycarbonate technology provides an unprecedented degree of protection against attempted burglaries. The system is highly abrasion resistant and 100% UV resistant.