6mm & 4mm Solid Polycarbonate Roller Shutters

Tough as steel, Graffiti Safe & Non flammable Traditional shutters are made with 22 gauge steel to provide excellent impact resistance. The Firlane Polycarbonate shutter provides similar levels of impact resistance to steel shutters. They have been designed to resist even the most determined attacks with heavy objects such as sledge hammers or hand held power tools including circular saws.

Firlane Polycarbonate Shutters provide excellent abrasion resistance and will not scratch or dull over time. All our shutters are made from 100% UV protected polycarbonate and can be used inside or out with excellent weather resistance. Whereas steel shutters will deform and dent if struck by a heavy object, our polycarbonate shutters will flex, but not break or shatter.

Specify a 100% graffiti safe protective coating to allow the use of paint-stripper to remove graffiti without damaging the underlying shutter.

Polycarbonate does not behave like plastic in a fire. It behaves similarly to steel in that it is more or less non-flammable.