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Europe's NO.1 polycarbonate roller
shutter system


WE MANUFACTURE A VARIETY OF RELIABLE, high security, solid or vented polycarbonate roller shutters


We are the UK manufacturers of Firlane Polycarbonate Shutter System. Our polycarbonate shutters offer in excess of 90% visibility; combining great looks with exceptional strength. With a huge variety of applications, our shutters are used everywhere from the Tiger Enclosure at London Zoo to Duty Free shops on luxury cruise liners.

Firlane polycarbonate shutters are accepted nationwide by local authority town planning & regeneration departments. They are suitable for town centres where high security is needed, 24hr product display is essential & planning constraints are stringent. Our shutters are 100% recyclable and have the lowest carbon footprint in their class.

Accepted by regeneration & town planners nation- wide
Technical design assistance available
Self-supporting – no structural work needed
Green credentials – 100% recyclable
90% Transparency. Highest of any roller shutter

Strong as Steel. Comparable to 20 gauge steel shutter
Won’t scratch, crack or break under normal use
Retains its clear transparency for many years
Virtually silent in operation


Firlane Systems Polycarbonate range of shutters is a transparent roller shutter system that is fully custom built and delivered ready to use. They are ideal see-through barriers for shop fronts, counter tops and terrace fronts. Individually manufactured to specification in our own factory for guaranteed quality.

Firlane Systems Ltd incorporates more than 10 years of development experience. From its original design to its current implementation, our product has undergone several phases of technological development. All our shutters combine the transparency and strength of polycarbonate with a compact and reliable roller shutter technology. Optimum vision with minimum internal fitting sizes are the key features of the system.

High Street Conservation Areas     |     Shopping Malls    |    24 Hour Banking Areas    |     Car Showrooms    |    Supermarkets

Our Clients

Range of Shutters

6mm & 4mm Solid
Polycarbonate Roller Shutters

Tough as steel, Graffiti Safe & Non flammable Traditional shutters are made with 22 gauge steel to provide excellent impact resistance. The Firlane Polycarbonate shutter provides similar levels of impact resistance to steel shutters. They have been designed to resist even the most determined attacks.

6mm & 4mm Vented
Polycarbonate Roller Shutters

These shutters are designed for use with modern smoke extraction systems. Offering all the advantages of the traditional solid polycarbonate shutter, the vented option allows up to 3 cubic meters per second of airflow through the shutter in the event the smoke extraction system is activated.

High security polycarbonate
Media Shutter©

Media Shutter© from Firlane is a high security shop-front roller shutter. It is simultaneously a full sized electronic screen that you can use to promote products and services out of hours. With its dual usage Firlane System’s Media Shutter© is incredibly cost effective.


Impact Test

This impact test video shows how the standard shutter withstands attempted break-ins, attacks with tools, bashed with heavy weights and even a forklift truck!

Polycarbonate Shutters

See how the unique design of the polycarbonate curtain allows the shutter to roll up into a perfect square without the polycarbonate panels ever touching each other.

Silent operation

Watch footage of a 6mm shutter running in prime offices in Central London. Turn up the volume control and notce that  the shutter is barely audible.

Media Shutter

A new concept in storefront display. After hours use the specially coated polycarbonate shutter to project full HD quality video from inside to outside.


How secure are Firlane Polycarbonate Shutters ?

Firlane Polycarbonate Shutters offers comparable security to a traditional 20 gauge steel roller shutter.

Are Firlane Polycarbonate Shutters noisy?

Firlane Polycarbonate Shutters have been designed for shops that are situated below residential property located in town centres. Using high quality components means the operation of the shutters are extremely smooth & therefore virtually silent.

Are Firlane Polycarbonate Shutters easy to install?

Firlane Polycarbonate Shutters are completely self-contained and supports 100% of its own weight. This means that there is no need for any additional structural engineering or steelwork. Firlane Polycarbonate Shutters are secured to the floor & requires only minimal lateral support which can be provided by attaching to existing side walls or if available, braced to existing supporting steelwork overhead.

Are Firlane Polycarbonate Shutters reliable?

Firlane Polycarbonate Shutters are always manufactured in our ISO9001 – 2000 factory. It is constructed of only the highest quality European sourced components. Firlane Polycarbonate Shutters have been tested to 11,000 cycles, which equates to 12 years of normal use.

What happens in case of a fire?

Firlane Polycarbonate Shutters have an optional custom made electronic control box and has the ability to integrate with your store fire alarm systems & can be set to raise or lower on activation.

Are Firlane Polycarbonate Shutters fire certified?

We are in the process of producing a revolutionary 60 minute BS fire certified transparent roller shutter that will be available shortly. It will provide all of the security & transparency of Firlane Polycarbonate Shutters with the additional benefit of being certified as a 1 hour fire door.

Can Firlane Polycarbonate Shutters be recycled?

Firlane Polycarbonate Shutters can be 100% recycled

How quickly can Firlane Polycarbonate Shutters be installed?

A typical Firlane installation causes very little disruption to the surrounding area. No fabrication is necessary on site. A Firlane Polycarbonate Shutter is usually installed & operating within 1 day.

How are Firlane Polycarbonate Shutters powered?

Firlane Polycarbonate Shutters operate from a standard power supply. Firlane Polycarbonate Shutters can be plugged into an existing socket or a fused spur if you prefer.

Will I need to make good any area?

Firlane Polycarbonate Shutters will be installed in the space you provide. There is no need to make good any area. The shutter is designed, manufactured & installed to minimise disruption to your business. Once Firlane Polycarbonate Shutters are installed, the installation site will not require any further remedial work.

Roller shutter locks

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